Want a single source for all birding news from the Bronx?

Bronx Bird Alert is a free, Twitter-based system that lets you send and
receive real-time posts relevant to Bronx birding from your phone, device,
or home computer. It works on ANY phone, not just smartphones. It’s just
like Manhattan Bird Alert (@BirdCentralPark on Twitter), but for the Bronx.
After initial rollout, the system will be moderated by noted birding author
and photographer Deborah  Allen, who is also a Bronx resident and frequent
Bronx birder.

We already have many of the Bronx’s top birders signed up and issuing
reports, which will always be publicly viewable and searchable:


We also will relay reports we find from other sources, such as eBird alerts
and Facebook posts.

Why use Bronx Bird Alert?

* It’s fast in the field – no need to write a topic heading or lengthy
post, or to sign your name -- your username is automatically appended to
* It allows you to attach map screenshots, photos, and video directly – no
photo site needed
* It allows followers to immediately view these multimedia files without
opening a browser
* There are NO restricted species – post on any rare or uncommon wild bird
or on general birding conditions.

We invite everyone to follow the @BirdBronx Twitter account and give it a

If you want permission to post on the system, just send a direct message to
@BirdBronx on Twitter or email me here. Once @BirdBronx follows your
account, you can send alerts to all system users simply by tweeting with
the hashtag #birdbx. No need to follow everyone else, or for them to follow
you. GroupTweet software handles hashtag-based re-tweeting from the master

If you do not have a Twitter account or if none of the above makes any
sense, relax – I have written explicit, step-by-step setup directions here:


You can go from not having a Twitter account to being all set in under ten

And though I recommend that everyone who has a smartphone uses the Android
or iOS Twitter app to enjoy the fastest alert response and richest
multimedia experience, you can both send and receive alerts simply as SMS
(text) messages and never have to deal with Twitter again once you set up
your account.

If you have any questions, or if you need help setting up your account,
email me.

David Barrett


NYSbirds-L List Info:

1) http://www.mail-archive.com/nysbirds-l@cornell.edu/maillist.html
2) http://www.surfbirds.com/birdingmail/Group/NYSBirds-L
3) http://birding.aba.org/maillist/NY01

Please submit your observations to eBird:


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