I took advantage of today’s beautiful weather and decided to do some CBC 
scouting, focusing my efforts in the Napeague area. 

I began the day at Walking Dunes, Goff Point and Hicks Island where I spent 
several hours and encountered a good variety of birds which was highlighted by 
a late BALTIMORE ORIOLE. An Orange-crowned Warbler was among a flock of 
Yellow-rumped (Myrtle) Warblers. Additional nice, yet expected, species were 
three Eastern Meadowlarks, a single Razorbill and my first of season Horned 
Grebes. Snow Bunting and Horned Lark numbers were surprisingly low with one and 
two, respectively.

Next, I headed to Napeague Meadow Road and parked at the foot of North Road 
where I hiked east slowly detailing the pitch pines and bayberry groves with 
hopes of digging up some lingering, warmer season migrants. No such luck but 
three Pine Warblers associating with a flock of chickadees and kinglets were a 
nice addition to the day. I was near the end of my hike, very close to where 
the marsh meets Napeague Harbor, and began to focus my attention on an upland 
“Island” patch of vegetation (41.0038, -72.0634) where I encountered an adult 
male YELLOW-RUMPED (AUDUBON’S) WARBLER. Unfortunately my cell phone battery had 
expired so I could not get the location specifics out as timely as I would’ve 
liked to. I spent the next 1.5 hours trying to relocate the bird and in that 
timeframe only saw it for a cumulative 10 seconds. It would be great to 
relocate this bird during the Montauk CBC on 16 December. Folks interested in 
trying to refind this bird may also want to try the east end of Crassen 
Boulevard which is just north of the above coordinates and is holding nice 
numbers of Myrtles. An additional species of interest, this far east on the 
south fork, was a Common Raven calling from the distant cell tower to the south.

Record photos of the Audubon’s Warbler can be viewed here in my eBird 


Derek Rogers


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