Central Park, Manhattan, N.Y. City
Sunday, 3rd December, 2017

In addition to the lingering celebrity Empidonax flycatcher being seen again in 
the Ramble this day, (a minimum of) ten species of warblers were already being 
found as of the noon hour, and of these (that I am aware of) the least-common 
for Deember is the lingering 1st-fall Magnolia Warbler, which was again 
photographed in the Hallett Sanctuary (& has now been seen & photographed by 
others there as well).  Also of potential interest (as a report) is that for a 
possible Canada Warbler recently reported, but the report lacking in details as 
to location within the park or for the bird’s markings that may have been noted 
(or any photos); this latter warbler species would be far more uncommon so late 
in the year than even a Magnolia in December.  Of the (at least) ten warbler 
species in the park, 8 of them have been found in the areas south of 72nd 
Street, or roughly, the southern 1/3 of Central. However the greater habitat in 
parts of the northern portion of the park could yet yield some additional 
species &/or numbers to this remarkable movement and pile-up of December 

Additional notable species of Sunday & Saturday include[d] a female Boat-tailed 
Grackle again seen in the roving grackle flock in the park’s southern third, 
and (on at least Saturday) a Pine Siskin seen by a dozen or more observers 
around & at the Evodia Field (Ramble) feeders and vicinity.

Much more to be added, the above are just a few highlights. Good ongoing luck 
in flycatcher-observing,

Tom Fiore

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