Just as a potential heads-up, since no reports appeared forthcoming to this 
list for Tuesday, an anonymouse eBird report, with photo, was submitted with 
Hammond’s Flycatcher listed as showing in the Central Park (Manhattan, N.Y. 
City) Ramble, specifically “south of Maintenance Field” and for the before-noon 
hour, on Tuesday, 5th December, 2017.

This bird is still being sought by multiple birders, and it may be presumed to 
be a 'desired-to-see' bird for essentially as long as it remains.  

In addition a male Wilson’s Warbler has been seen again (Tues., 5th) in the 
vicinity with that Empidonax flycatcher, and it is possible that the presence 
of the Wilson’s Warbler is (as observed on multiple days & varied locations 
within the Ramble) or at least may be an indicator for the potential presence 
of the Empidoax hammondii, perhaps loosely associating in their feeding forays. 

It may also be somewhat useful to pay closer attention should any insectivorous 
bird be noted in searching for the flycatcher, kinglets being an example of 
birds to stay aware of, in that their presence could again be an indicator for 
the possibility of rarer winter insectivores about.

good further-flyctacher luck, if seeking.

Tom Fiore

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