Eric Miller again found Western Tanager this afternoon. I don't know whether
to refer to it as the Western Tanager or a Western Tanager. The location is
about a mile and a half drive from Alley Pond Environmental Center, or
whatever that comes out to as the tanager might fly. The site is Crocheron
Park in Bayside (also shown on Google Maps as John Golden Park). The
specific location was on the back (south) side of Crocheron Pond (also
called Golden Pond).  


>From the Cross Island Parkway, go west on Northern Blvd. to 221st Street
(second light after the parkway). Turn right and continue northward until
the end of 221st  , then make a left onto Corbett Road. When you hit 35th
Avenue, make a sharp right and go down the hill to the pond. Parking here is


Hopefully, this will be a more reliable situation than the one in Alley -
especially as we're heading toward CBC time. 



Steve Walter

Bayside, NY


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