Prospect Park/Brooklyn birders: Have any of you seen them more recently and do 
you enter the European Goldfinch  into ebird when you see them? I know some 
birders do not consider them "wild" so they do not report them to ebird.

Cool sightings for Gov Island though. It is unfortunate to be closed off to the 
public over the winter.


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On Dec 19, 2017, at 4:48 AM, Ben Cacace 
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Unfortunately the island is closed to the public until May 1st but I was very 
lucky to get invited to the island yesterday.

There was a small flock of European Goldfinch in Hammock Grove of ~12 birds and 
a small group of 5 (same birds?) seen off Nolan Park later in the day.

I was looking into European Goldfinch sightings on eBird and the most recent 
one in the area is from Prospect Park on Nov 26th of one bird. The only 
sightings "locally" are from Bermuda and points north of Chicago. The number of 
individuals from the Lake Michigan group are no higher than 8 individuals for 
sightings between Nov-Dec of this year.

European Goldfinch: Current Year Map for Nov-Dec
... zoom out to view sightings from Bermuda.

Is the most likely explanation that these are a new set of escaped birds? Or 
could the weather have had an effect on local populations? They understood 
Sweetgums as a food source and the birds were very vocal. How quickly do newly 
escaped birds take to Sweetgum Trees?

You can see photos on Cathy Weiner's eBird checklist:

Ben Cacace
Manhattan, NYC
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