I just got a report that the bird is being seen now @ 11:14am

These directions may be better if you are unable to use the map links below.

from the Northwest corner of the Robert Moses field 2 lot, walk to the paved roadway and continue west onto the sand road ( by foot, permit access only!)

continue west. you will see the roadway fork, with a sharp left turn - but **continue STRAIGHT** along bay side.
after walking **way down** past the open area to your right that is fenced off by string,
the road will jog left for ~75', then jog right (west) now you will be separated from the bay side by thick bayberry bushes - continue on. you will see a "grey telephone pole like stump" along the left/south edge. I also scraped an arrow in the sand  some 50' +/- to the west of that,  the bird has been seen in this area ( on south side ) and delightfully, frequently perches at the very top of the trees along the edge of the road.


Arie Gilbert
North Babylon, NY


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On 12/18/2017 9:20 AM, Arie Gilbert wrote:

Its probably a bit more than 10 min walk.
viewed from this location at 9.17am on 12-18-2017

Found with aid if Mike McBrien

Right along sand  road in junipers.

See map below.



Arie Gilbert
No. Babylon NY

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