Location pages have been created for the current top 10 sites for Greene
County based on total species seen. Numbers in parentheses represents the #
of sub-locations for these sites.

If you spot any issues with the pages please let me know off list.

Also, could you help verify that the '*Directions*' link on the location
pages points to a nearby public parking spot or to an entrance to the site?
See below for details on Google Map links to directions. Thanks!

Total # of shared locations (hotspots) added to 10 new pages is 11 bringing
the total coverage to 1,723 hotspots or 28.8% of 5,984 for New York State.

*Greene County <http://ebirding-nys.wikispaces.com/Greene>*
• Coxsackie Flats (2)
• Coxsackie Boat Launch
• Coxsackie Creek Grassland Preserve
• Dutchman's Landing
• Four Mile Point Preserve
• Hannacroix Creek Preserve
• Inbocht Bay
• North-South Lake Campground
• RamsHorn-Livingston Sanctuary
• Vosburgh Swamp WMA--Vosburgh Swamp

*Google Map Directions*
The 'Google Map Directions' link on the wiki are linked to a nearby parking
lot or near the south or east end of the location based on the thinking
that keeping sun behind you when starting out is best.

If you know of a better parking place please zoom in on this location on
Google Maps and send the URL to me offline.
Ben Cacace
Manhattan, NYC
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