Eric Miller found a Cackling Goose this afternoon on Alley Pond (the pond at
the intersection of the LIE and Cross Island Pkwy in Queens). Canada Goose
numbers there were much higher than they had been up until now. So quite
possibly these are new arrivals, making it excusable that the Cackling was
missed on Sunday's count. But it is squeezed into count week at nearly the
last minute. In an odd twist to this story, I was just out doing work in my
backyard, where I watched two small groups of geese fly over. These were
coming from the direction of Alley Pond, which is rather close to me. One of
the groups contained a noticeably smaller goose at the tail end of one of
the V's.


Also seen at Alley Pond was the long lingering Lesser Yellowlegs, which
stayed out of sight on count day. It makes that CBC thing seem less like an
accurate survey and more like a game (like Hide and Seek). I think we should
get bonus points or something to denote that it was actually in the count
circle all along, as opposed to leaving after the first day of count week.



Steve Walter

Bayside, NY


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