The short answer is that email messages with a address are still
being directed to spam. That is where I found Brendan's message.

The broader question of how to keep track is harder to answer. At least
eBird, tweets, and Facebook postings are open to the public. Text groups,
which are often not publicized and have limited membership are, I think,
more of an open question.



*Donna L. SchulmanForest Hills, NY + North Brunswick, <>*

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On Thu, Dec 21, 2017 at 12:11 PM, Angus Wilson <>

> I've noticed that I regularly miss posts to this list, especially local
> rarities. The latest was the note from Brendan Fogarty copied in Ben
> Cacece's hot spot post.
> Curious, are others experiencing the same problem? Could this be related
> to messages being cc'd to the list rather than posted directly? Have not
> noticed gaps in direct conversations. Not seeing the missing messages in
> other folders.
> Not the end of the world but seems like another factor in the increasingly
> fragmented dissemination of noteworthy bird sightings in our region. We, as
> a community, need to come up with a simple solution that does not require a
> deluge of eBird alert notifications or subscriptions to many local and
> statewide lists and facebook groups. It's ironic but I feel less clued in
> now than I did 5 years ago. Back to the weekly RBA to find out what I've
> missed?
> Angus Wilson
> New York City, USA
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