Good afternoon,

Yes, there are issues with subscribers receiving all email messages from 
certain people who have posted messages to NYSbirds-L. It all depends upon your 
email service provider’s email handling and their DMARC policy (you can Google 
it if you want to understand more).

As for archives showing up online, it is very important that you take a moment 
to make sure the messages are being sent out with the "NYSbirds-L@" email 
address in the To: field. If the eList address appears only in the Cc: field, 
the resulting message might be missed on certain archives and may not show up 
online; however, this should not affect subscribers receiving them in email 
form, other than the DMARC issue mentioned above.

For several years now, I’ve had NYSbirds-L established in The Mail Archive. You 
can read all messages online and you can adjust how they are displayed in your 
browser (via thread, versus by date), plus you can conduct either basic or 
advanced searches. The direct link is here: and a link is 
also accessible at the main Northeast Birding website, here:<>.

Hope this helps and good birding!

Chris T-H

Chris Tessaglia-Hymes
Listowner, NYSbirds-L
Ithaca, New York<>
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