As noted by Arie, the Mountain Bluebird was at the end of the inlet side
road this morning. Here there is a white sign and a juniper to the left of
it (looking westward). The bluebird frequented these two spots, in fabulous
lighting during the morning. Another landing spot used a few times was a
small dune- more of a mound, actually - with small bushes on it. This is
looking toward the inlet. Altogether, I would say the bluebird was in sight
and close 75% of the 2+ hours I was there. Even after disappearing to the
west, it usually came back within 10 minutes. A curious thing was that it
was being pestered by Yellow-rumped Warblers, which appeared to occasionally
prompt it to move. Also making a couple of appearances in the said juniper
was a Baltimore Oriole, presumably the one recorded on the Captree count.


Pictures for those interested can be found at my web site (click the Birds tab and click Recent Work).


Steve Walter

Bayside, NY  


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