There is a Tufted Duck mixed in with a Scaup flock at Santapogue Creek 
(Suffolk). The bird was near the island where the Long-billed Dowitchers are 
most frequently seen half way down Venetian Boulevard, towards Venetian Shores 
park. There are several small flocks of scaup spread out along the creek so 
some searching may be required. 

If people try for this bird it is important that they DO NOT enter the property 
of the small marina adjacent to the island. This is private property and the 
owner has been quite clear that birders should only view from the roadside. 

Of additional interest in the flocks present on site are Ring-necked Duck x 
Scaup sp hybrid and an apparent Tufted Duck x Greater Scaup hybrid. 

Despite having been absent during the freezing weather of last weekends Captree 
CBC, there are still a small group of Long-billed Dowitchers in the area.

Pete Morris

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