A light morph Rough-legged Hawk was seen hunting Croton Point Park landfill
grasslands this afternoon, viewed from entrance road by the park office.

A Snowy Owl made a brief stopover at Croton Point on Christmas Day, seen by
birders on Saw Mill River Audubon's Monday walk. First spotted by Karalyn
Lamb who was also birding in the park that morning.  Observed for several
minutes at a distance and then left undisturbed, it apparently moved on
within the hour -- perhaps with the high winds of the approaching cold
front -- since it was not re-found.

Big increase in waterfowl noted on edges of Croton Reservoir this morning
especially along Route 100 with larger numbers of Ring-necked Ducks, Hooded
and Common Mergansers seen.  Smaller water areas and reservoir bays iced up.

However, a drive today from George's Island down to Croton Point resulted
in only two Bald Eagle sightings along the Hudson.  Hopefully more to come.

Anne Swaim
Saw Mill River Audubon


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