The Southern Nassau County CBC was conducted yesterday, 30 Dec 2017, by 89 
participants, for the 78th time since 1932.

Conditions were challenging, with cold temperatures (18-26 F) and snow on count 
day, and sustained sub-freezing temperatures prior to the count. On the plus 
side, there was little wind, and coverage was excellent.

A total of 132 species was recorded, including a White-winged Dove reported 
from a feeder in Malverne. 

Highlights included the following:

Cackling Goose—two individuals, Massapequa & Baldwin
King Eider—2 Short
Eared Grebe—Atlantic
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron—Baldwin
Rough-legged Hawk—Short
Clapper Rail—Atlantic
Lesser Yellowlegs—two individuals, Hempstead & Short
Iceland Gull—Short
Short-eared Owl—Short
Snowy Owl—three individuals, Atlantic, Short, Tobay
Northern Saw-whet Owl—Short
Common Raven—2 Hempstead
Lapland Longspur—5 Short
Northern Waterthrush—Baldwin
Orange-crowned Warbler—two individuals, Atlantic & Tobay
Palm Warbler—Atlantic
Chipping Sparrow—Baldwin
White-crowned Sparrow—Atlantic

High Counts were relatively few and mostly involved species continuing strong, 
recent upward trends:

Great Horned Owl—5
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker—16
American Kestrel—4
Monk Parakeet—290
Fish Crow—2488
Ipswich Sparrow—36
Rusty Blackbird—31
Boat-tailed Grackle—243

Misses and Low Counts were relatively many. These included a predictable suite 
of freshwater and ice-intolerant species, but also several species exhibiting 
declining trends in recent years. Wood Duck, Redhead, Ring-necked Pheasant, 
American Bittern, American Oystercatcher, Lesser Black-backed Gull, Barn Owl, 
and American Pipit were missed. Low Counts (all ten-year minima) were recorded 

Mute Swan—54
American Wigeon—30
Black Duck—2213
Northern Shoveler—126
Northern Pintail—18
Ring-necked Duck—29
Hooded Merganser—714
Ruddy Duck—160
Pied-billed Grebe—12
Great Blue Heron—58
Peregrine Falcon—8
European Starling—1827

The only count-week species that I am aware was missed yesterday was Redhead, 
but others among those listed above as missed are likely to be recorded during 
the count period.

Thanks to all for another excellent count, and for good company during the 
compilation at Otto’s in Freeport.

Happy New Year!

Shai Mitra & Patricia Lindsay
Bay Shore


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