Greetings All,
  The seventh annualUlster/Dutchess (NYUD) Christmas Bird Count was conducted 
on Wednesday,December 27th, 2017.  We’vebeen fortunate, for continuity sake, to 
hold this count within a three daywindow from 12/26-12/28. 41 birders in 14 
field parties along with two feederwatchers observed a new high total of 
95species (+2 cw species) for the NYUD CBC. The 20,792 individual birds 
countedwere nearly 3000 more than our average for the previous six counts 
andrepresented our second highest total (23,039 in 2011). Of the species that 
haveappeared three or more years on this count seventeen species were recorded 
at anew high number and six species at a new low total.  To illustrate how 
complete a team effort thisyear’s count was an outstanding seven species were 
added to our composite NYUDlist from seven different sectors!  Thisraised our 
composite total after seven counts to 120 species. Exceptional finds included a 
soaring Golden Eagle inSector E, a vocalizing Long-eared Owl in Sector G, an 
unexpected Red-headedWoodpecker in Sector J, two cooperative Lapland Longspurs 
in Sector D, and afemale White-winged Scoter in Sector F. Two species, a House 
Wren in Sector B and an Iceland Gull in Sector Imoved from “CW” historical 
status to join us on count day.

  Temperatures rangedfrom 2 degrees at 6:00 a.m. (having dropped from 8 degrees 
at the start of ournocturnal effort at 4:00 a.m.) to a balmy 26 degrees 
mid-day.  Luckily diurnal birders basked in asun-filled day with calm winds.  
Standingbodies of water were iced over but the Hudson and it’s tributaries 
within the circleremained open and definitely helped field parties locate a 
very respectable 16species of waterfowl.  Three inches of a powderysnow cover 
was rare for the NYUD and surely helped to consolidate sparrowsroadside and 
maybe even aid in our record number of Snow Buntings.

   A big “thank you”as always to Steve Chorvas for inputting and arranging all 
the data for thiscount and to all those who cooked, baked, and cleaned up to 
lessen the load formy now very pregnant wife.  Also aspecial thanks to Dave 
Hayes for providing a beautiful facelift to our sectormaps.  Finally, to all 
those in the field(as listed below) congratulations and thank you on our most 
productive and successfulcount yet.  Included with participantsare notable bird 
species from each sector.

Respectfully submitted,
Mark DeDea
co-compiler NYUD CBC


Sector A (WestSaugerties) 41 species  2,048 individuals
Corey Finger, Vanessa Lane, George Moxham, and Mary Moxham
Rusty Blackbird, Winter Wren, Field Sparrow, and HermitThrush

Sector B(Saugerties) B1N 48 species  1,674individuals  B2S  48 species 925 
B1N Alan Beebe, Doreen Beebe (fw), and Steve Chorvas  B2S Gilbert Thomson and 
Tyrell Thomson
Mute Swan, Cackling Goose, Northern Pintail, Snow Bunting,House Wren, Gray 
Catbird, 10 Yellow-rumped Warblers, and Great Black-backedGull

Sector C(Cheviot)  44 species  2175 individuals
Greg Esch and George Steele
Black Vulture, Yellow-rumped Warbler, and 336 American Robin

Sector D (KerleysCorners)  53 species  3224 individuals
Susan Fox Rogers and Peter Schoenberger
Lapland Longspur, Purple Finch, White-crowned Sparrow,Chipping Sparrow, Field 
Sparrow, Horned Lark, and Snow Bunting

Sector E(Woodstock) E1 26 species 388 individuals E2 38 species 614 individuals
E1 Allan Bowdery and Dan Porter  E2 Dixon Onderdonk, Loren Quinby, and 
Peregrine Falcon and Golden Eagle

Sector F (LakeKatrine)  44 species  1708 individuals
Lynn Bowdery, Lin Fagan, and Jane Simmons
White-winged Scoter, Northern Pintail, Snow Goose, and Horned Lark

Sector G(Annandale-on-Hudson) G1 58 species 1895 individuals G2  16 species  
262 individuals
G1 Jim Clinton, Jess Prockup, Jim Prockup, and MathewRymkiewicz  G2 Doug Bean, 
CarolFredericks, and Ken Fredericks
Long-eared Owl, Green-winged Teal, Ring-necked Duck, BlackVulture, Field 
Sparrow, and Rusty Blackbird

Sector H (Red Hook)H1N 38 species  1022 individuals  H2S  34species  606 
H1N Adrienne Popko and Chet Vincent  H2S Barbara Butler, Jim Closs, Ginny 
Collins,Roberta Dopson, and Dominic Sherony
Chipping Sparrow, Rough-legged Hawk, and Ring-neckedPheasant

Sector I(Kingston)  61 species  2952 individuals
Charlotte Adamis, Mark DeDea, Annie Mardiney, and DonnaSeymour
Snowy Owl, Iceland Gull, Killdeer, Eastern Towhee, Red-breastedMerganser, and 
Great Blue Heron

Sector J(Rhinebeck) 52 species  1299 individuals
Dave Hayes, Rodney Johnson, Deb Kral, and Wendy Tocci
Red-headed Woodpecker, Lincoln’s Sparrow, Canvasback, FishCrow, Greater Scaup, 
and Peregrine Falcon


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