This morning, on my way in to the Sands Point Preserve, I stopped at Bar Beach 
(Port Washington, Nassau County). All of Hempstead Harbor was completely 
frozen. A Bald Eagle was sitting on the ice in the middle of the harbor, 
devouring what appeared to be a duck or gull.
Right about here: 40.822538, -73.650787

The Sands Point Preserve (Nassau) was very cold (10 degrees) and quiet. 
Snowfall was quite deep in some spots. Long Island Sound was frozen almost half 
way to Westchester County. Another Bald Eagle was far out over the sound, 
heading west. A Fox Sparrow and 3 Cedar Waxwing were around Hempstead House 
(western-most castle in the preserve). Also, 3 Horned Grebes on the sound.

Manhasset Bay in Port Washington was also completely frozen.




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