We spent the day birding on the east end, starting our day at Montauk Pt. The 
point had numerous Common Eider and scoters but very few other species. We 
missed Razorbill entirely and had only one Red-throated Loon. Hoping it would 
get better we worked our way back west stopping briefly at Ditch Plains, where 
the only bird of interest was a single Purple Sandpiper. As we headed down West 
Lake Drive an American Bittern flew overhead from the Lake Montauk marshes. 
This species is rare in winter on the Montauk peninsula - we haven’t seen one 
in the Montauk area for many years. 

At Lake Montauk (west) jetty we found four Iceland Gulls, one adult and three 
immatures. WE took a short ride to Montauk Downs State Park in hopes of seeing 
if the Pink-footed Goose found on the Montauk CBC was still present. We quickly 
located the bird among numerous Canada Geese and three Snow Geese. A walk to 
Hook Pond was taken without really expecting to see anything given the frozen 
conditions. Much to our surprise we found six Tundra Swans on a small area of 
open water with Canada Geese, Mute Swans and various ducks. On the way west we 
received a timely e-mail from Derek Rogers concerning two Ross’s Geese in a 
farm field on Long Lane just east of Stephen Hands Path. A stop by the farm 
field quickly yielded the Ross’s among an estimated three thousand Canada 
Geese. The trip concluded on a down note with nothing of interest on the frozen 
tundra of Dune Road.

Good Birding,

Ken & Sue Feustel

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