The second annual Northport Winter Bird Count, a CBC-style census covering
the area between the Smithtown and Northern Nassau CBC circles, from Fort
Salonga to Huntington on the North Shore of Long Island.  13 observers (Ken
and Sue Feustel, Tim Healy, Tim Dunn, Taylor Sturm, Pete Morris, Ernst
Mutchnick, Stefan and Farah Mutchnick, John Gluth, Greg Letica, Brendan
Fogarty, and Brent Bomkamp) recorded a total of 87 species, tying the total
from last year despite freezing conditions leading up to the count and high
winds on the count day.  The highlights included:

Snow Goose - Northport VA Hospital (JG) and Northport Power Plant (BF and
*Greater White-fronted Goose* - Tung Ting Pond, Centerport (TH)
*Cackling Goose* - Tung Ting Pond (TH) and Crab Meadow, Northport (PM and
*Harlequin Duck* - Eatons Neck Point (BF and BBo)
Bald Eagle - Centerport (TD), Caumsett (KF and SF), Northport Harbor (PM
and TS)
*Rough-legged Hawk* - Target Rock NWR, Lloyd Neck (KF and SF)
40 Ruddy Turnstone - Caumsett SP (KF and SF)
*Iceland Gull* - Crab Meadow (PM and TS)
Merlin - Partridge Pond Park, Greenlawn (TD)
Brown Thrasher - Carpenter Farm Park, Greenlawn (TD)

Other interesting totals included 38 Canvasback, 509 Common Goldeneye,
Bonaparte's Gull, two Peregrine Falcon, and 32 Brown-headed Cowbird, along
with count week Short-eared Owl and Wilson's Snipe.  Unfortunately,
passerine numbers were remarkably low, likely due to the recent weather
patterns.  The count will take place the second weekend of January next
year; please let me know if you'd like to participate.

Thanks to everyone who made this count.possible!

Brent Bomkamp
Eatons Neck


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