The Ulster County segment of the annual NYSOA New York State January 
Waterfowl Count was conducted this past Saturday, 13 January 2018.  As 
noted in previous posts, most of the Hudson River was covered in ice and 
largely devoid of waterfowl.  Kingston Point produced twenty Mallards 
and eight American Black Ducks, and three Common Mergansers were found 
in limited open water farther south in Highland.  Traditionally 
productive sites in the north (Saugerties Lighthouse and Glasco) were 
iced over.  Inland rivers, creeks, and a few ponds and fields provided 
the most attractive habitat for this year's survey.

Seventeen participants in eight field parties tallied 2,041 individuals 
representing 13 species.  Diversity was just about average (12.1 
ten-year average), but abundance was well below our ten-year average of 
6,244 and the lowest in the fourteen years I have compiled this count. 
Canada Geese typically make up a very large percentage of our total 
number of individuals.  This year's total of 1,263 represents a new 
14-year low and was well below our ten-year average of 4,874 birds.  A 
total of 23 Bald Eagles (17 adults / 6 sub-adult) were noted during the 
course of the waterfowl count.

Here is the waterfowl summary:

Snow Goose - 1
Canada Goose - 1,263
Mute Swan - 5
Wood Duck - 1
Gadwall - 3
American Wigeon - 2
American Black Duck - 34
Mallard - 669
Northern Pintail - 2
Common Goldeneye - 3
Hooded Merganser - 4
Common Merganser - 52
Horned Grebe - 2

Thanks to all of the participants for providing extensive coverage of 
the county under challenging environmental conditions.  A complete 
report will appear at a later date on the John Burroughs Natural History 
Society website.

Steve M. Chorvas
Saugerties, NY


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