The male King Eider was present again today at Point Lookout near the second 
westernmost jetty.   Though the temperatures were mild, the waters were pretty 
choppy, making spotting challenging at times.  So I considered myself lucky to 
get some passable video of the bird.  

When reviewing my footage, I noted an interesting eider-like bird.  I suspect 
it was an immature common eider, as it had a black cap and some white on the 
back. But its bill seemed on the small side (particularly compared to a nearby 
eider), in some frames it seemed to have a bit of a yellow to orangish hue, and 
it had an “uncommon” smile-like facial pattern.  I wondered if it might be a 
common-king hybrid.  I linked a photo and video of the bird, as well as a video 
of the king eider to my ebird post:

 Wishing you good birds, 


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