While trying to repair my shower door, I found the need for 3 larger screws
than I  had in my stockpile. Arriving at Griffing's Hardware in Riverhead,
as I got out of the car, I looked up to see a Red-tailed Hawk circling
overhead...a possible sign ? After purchasing what I needed, I routed
myself through the "Turkey Vulture Roosting Complex"...with the center of
same being the Roanoke Elementary School, and then branching out for about
a "city block" in all directions.

First, as I was heading n/on Griffing Ave, I saw 2 T.V. on, and at the rear
of, the school's chimney. As I continued on Griffing, I noticed a huge # of
vultures in the 3 spruces located on the w/s, between the 1st & 2nd houses
s/o Lincoln St. While trying to get an accurate count, something caused
most of them to take flight. Over no more than 5 minutes, all the birds
flew off and scattered. My suspect count, grew to 40-45 vultures, including
2 sure, plus 1 possible, Black Vultures. This # would coincide with a pers.
comm. I received earlier in the week of 3 B.V. on the school's chimney. I
then checked the front of said chimney, finding 4 T.V. there. My last
sighting was of a large # of vultures in the 3 spruce trees on the w/s of
Roanoke Ave, at the intersection of Elton Ave, but It was too dark to get a
meaningful count. Today's activity took place between 1645 and 1710.
Because none of the locations noted are within sight of each other, the
true # of vultures today might even have reached 50. To be continued...by
man people, I hope !



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