The issue with the marker disappearing after selecting the Google Maps
Direction link has been resolved! The resolution came from working with the
'Google Maps & Earth Help Forum'. Here's the final resolution:

"appears to be a difference ... .uk, .de, .se, .ca, .au,
.sg, .my, .th all seem to place the red placemarker pin. only .com does

After this I've changed all the links to the .ca extension. Links for all
existing pages (1,797 locations) have been corrected. The zoom level on the
map has been adjusted for each location based it's size and to show the
site at its best where Google labels exist.

If you see any issues with the placement of any markers please let me know.
I've been placing them at nearby parking locations or at the entrance of
the site or at the south or east edge of the location to keep the sun
behind you when starting out.

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