Eric Miller forwarded me a picture taken by Lisa Scheppke yesterday of a
Ross' Goose that they saw on a pond inside Fort Totten in northeastern
Queens. It looks very similar to the one from Baisley Pond. Characteristics
include some gray on the head, a slight curvature at the base of the bill,
and a slight grin patch. And actually, these traits had been suggested as
signs of hybridization (or some Snow Goose genes in there). That could mean
it's the same bird. Or it could mean that as Ross' Geese continue to become
more frequent around here, we'll find certain traits to be more regular in
them than traditionally attributed. 


Also seen by them is what appears to be a Cackling Goose outside the fort,
inside Little Neck Bay.


Getting into Fort Totten, at least by car, could be hit or miss, depending
on the person at the booth. There is parking outside. 



Steve Walter

Bayside, NY   


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