Today I saw my first Snowy Owl of the season...but it almost didn't happen
! Arriving at Dune Rd., by way of the Post Lane Bridge, Quogue, I headed
east, on my 3rd or 4th try for this season's much reported, *Nyctea
scandiaca.* While I had some nice birds on D.R. before reaching Shinnicock
Inlet, ie: a single Pintail, first water, bayside, w/o Dockers Restaurant;
lone A.Bittern, bayside (P # 407); 3 Great Blue Herons, spread out to
Ponquogue Bridge, I still needed to"hunt the great, white whale", err... I
mean bird !

Starting for home, when I reach Ponquogue Ave at this late time of the
afternoon, I normally turn right to go over the bridge, but today I decided
to go back along D.R. The sun had set, and there wasn't much light, but the
possibility of a Short-eared Owl, rather than a snowy, was the reason for
me going straight ! Heading west, as I swiveled my head left and right, a
big lump* on top of a pole on the ocean-side (e/o Triton La) materialized
into a lovely Snowy Owl ! Lovely, because it was my first of the season,
and also because of its being cast in an orangey hue, due to the available
light from the setting sun !


* Almost positive it wasn't there on my first pass !


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