Neat history - a little like the LE owls at Pelham Bay Park years ago, when there was an open dump.
Trudy Battaly

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Before the Harlem Piers park was constructed, when there was a live sewer outlet in the Hudson River at the west end of 125th street (very visible), Canvasbacks collected there every winter. I don't unfortunately have any numbers in my old notes, but there could often be several dozen. They disappeared when the sewer treatment plant came on line.
  Bob Paxton

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Thursday, 1st February, 2018 -

7 Canvasback (w/ 6 bright drakes) photographed on the Hudson River at north section of “Harlem Piers” park, off upper Manhattan a short way north of the western terminus of West 125th St. (were viewed in part from the n. edge of that small park-space); around 3 p.m. - these have been previously seen here also, & it has been a semi-regular site for modest no’s. in mid-winter for the species, which has diminished drastically from NY County (Manhattan) waters in the past 25 years or so.  No other were ducks noted, in a fairly brief visit.

good ethics-minded birding to all,

Tom Fiore

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