An adult Little Gull was present off Montauk Point, Suffolk County, Friday 
afternoon and again this morning. When visible, this bird has been in loose 
association with about 30 Bonaparte's Gulls, milling over a spectacular 
aggregation of scoters and eiders, directly off of the concession building. It 
has ben missed, however, both last evening and during late morning today.

Other notable birds at Montauk Point included an immature male King Eider, an 
immature Glaucous Gull, and small numbers of Razorbills.

At least five distinguishable Iceland Gulls are present at Lake Montauk Inlet, 
and another immature male King Eider was seen at nearby Culloden Point.

Ditch Plains featured a male Harlequin Duck and a female King Eider.

Shai Mitra (birding with Seth Ausubel, Bobby Berlingeri, Pete Morris, Mary 
Normandia, and Patricia Lindsay; assisted by Brent Bomkamp and Taylor Sturm; 
inspired by Tyler G.)

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