Hey Listers!


The NYSOA (New York State Ornithological Association) County
and State Listing Project is accepting data for 2017. If you
want to get your numbers into the 2017 report, don't miss
the March 1 deadline. Data may be submitted online at
http://nybirds.org/ProjCountyLists.html, via fax, via email,
or via USPS. 


If you're new to this and would like to know more, please
read on.


The County and State Listing Project is a fun, friendly
competition run by NYSOA. Started in 1992, it continues to
attract new participants every year. Some of our first
county listers have not missed a single year since the
beginning (watch out, you might get hooked!). 


Berna Lincoln, who started this project in 1992, passed away
last fall - a tremendous loss for NYSOA and all of her
friends. Berna's objective in setting up this competition
was to encourage birders of all levels to get out and bird
the many habitats of New York State and report their
sightings throughout the year to local clubs and NYSOA's
regional editors. Today eBird is added to that list. The
state, county, and regional life list competitions inject
some additional fun into the important "work" of birding and
reporting the birds we see all over NYS.


So here's how it works. After the close of each calendar
year, participants send in their LIFE list totals for all of
NYS, the 10 Kingbird regions, and/or the 62 counties, and/or
the PELAGIC ZONE (PZ) that was added just last year. In
addition, we have one YEAR list category - for the entire
state. You can send in just one number or as many as 75, or
anywhere in between - it's your choice depending on where
you've birded and what records you've kept. A compilation is
produced annually and published in NYSOA's newsletter and
also on the NYSOA website at
http://nybirds.org/ProjCountyLists.html. Forms, a map of the
ten Kingbird regions, and details on the new Pelagic Zone
are available on that web page also.


Join in on the fun and see where you stand - statewide,
region by region, county by county - in comparison with
other birders all over the state (and even outside the
state). To see what the annual compilation looks like, check
out the archive at http://nybirds.org/ProjCountyLists.html. 


But don't miss the deadline! And remember, no reports
submitted in previous years are automatically carried into
the next. If you want to be listed, you must submit your
report, even if your numbers haven't changed since the last
one you sent in. 


If you've already submitted your 2017 report, thanks! 

If not, I await your data with bated breath!

Carena Pooth



PS - The fine print:  The only requirement to participate is
that you be a 2018 member of NYSOA, or one of NYSOA's member
clubs, or the NYS Young Birders Club.


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NYSbirds-L List Info:

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2) http://www.surfbirds.com/birdingmail/Group/NYSBirds-L
3) http://birding.aba.org/maillist/NY01

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