Hi Raymond/All,


I continue to find new locations for nesting White-winged Crossbills, but
the best locations are in Long Lake - all along Route 30 from Long Lake to
Sabattis Circle Road in appropriate habitat.  On Sabattis Circle Road they
are nesting along the northern 3 mile section and along the outlet of Little
Tupper Lake (also the inlet of Round Lake).  On Saturday, Feb. 10, during
the NYS Ornithological Association winter weekend, we found at least a
couple dozen, including Red and White-winged Crossbills gritting together.
Two participants were staying over on Sunday night and later in the day when
others headed home, we birded Long Lake until dark (a ninth grader and the
woman who drove him up! - fun!) - the White-winged Crossbills sang until
dark!  We found more in additional locations that afternoon/evening.  They
are also nesting along the Hudson River in Tawahus (Newcomb) and in the Sand
Pond Marsh area on the Blueridge Road (North Hudson) - but not close to the
road.  I will post the rest of the species we found last weekend as soon as
I can.


I've been visiting a likely nest location for White-winged Crossbills.  They
are making vocalizations I've never heard before (nothing like their typical
calls - and you might not even think of this species from the sounds!).
Matt Young was up from the Cornell Lab (& gave a fantastic talk on Red
Crossbill types!) and he heard the vocalization I've been hearing and
responded - "that was weird!" - he immediately had the same feeling that we
were at a nest location.  I'd love to record it.


Heading out to bird.!


Joan Collins

Editor, New York Birders

Long Lake, NY

(315) 244-7127 cell       

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Has anyone seen or heard White-winged Crossbills in the area of Newcomb and
Long Lake since the end of January?  I read the very nice report that Joan
Collins made at the end of last month, and I wanted to see the White-winged
Crossbills, since.  


I would like to see the Boreal Chickadee and flocks of Red Crossbill, but
White-winged would be my focus.  My only encounter with them was a possible
flock, on an overcast day, in Baxter State Park, Maine, in June 2000.  Since
this my be an irruption year, this year would be a great opportunity.


Thank you. 


Raymond M. Soff J.r. 

Saddle Brook, NJ      


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