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Sorry for the late post, but my 80 year old body suddenly requires a
certain amount of "turn-around time" !

On Sunday, the New York State Young Birders Club, held its monthly field
trip. This trip was sponsored by The Eastern L.I.Audubon Society, and was
hosted by the Third House Nature Center, Montauk County Park. Its staff,
headed by director Ed Yohann provided a generous welcome (early morning
pit-stop), a more than ample room to have lunch (brought in individually by
the young birders and their parents) with beverages supplied by the n/c. Ed
gave a talk re: the early history of Montauk, including the part involving
the "1st", "2nd", and "3rd" houses, especially the latter's importance to,
at that time, Col. Theodore Roosevelt and his "Roughriders" ! After his
talk, Ed also led a walk to Big Reed Pond, aka "The Jewel of Montauk",
after lunch.

We got one of the best birds of the day at our 1st stop, which happened to
be only ~ 200 yards from the n/c, at the Deep Hollow Ranch, in its field on
the s/s of Montauk Highway. The Pink-footed Goose, found by Ryan Zucker,
was difficult to see, but persistence won out, with all getting to see it.

Our next stop was "The Point", where we found the birding to be relatively
quiet. Everyone was able to see C.Eiders, all 3 scoters, and a single
gannet (with all 5 species being lifers for some of the y/b's). We then
walked around/under the lighthouse to Turtle Cove - again, a first for many
of the participants ! The story doesn't end there however, due to the
intrepid young birder, Aidan Perkins. Before moving on, he alone went back
to the Restaurant's rear patio, to try again for the Little Gull, which has
been visiting this location for awhile now. Well, he didn't find the
gull...but he did get a Razorbill - the only one seen on the trip !

We then drove the short distance to the cliffs of Camp Hero, where we were
met with similar results...without the alcid.

We then drove the length of East Lake Drive, arriving at the east jetty of
Montauk Inlet, along with neighboring Gin Beach, only to find even less
bird activity, but we did add 2 species -  a Common Loon, and a far
distanced Iceland Gull, courtesy of that sharp-eyed, young birder, A.P.

Our last stop before lunch was Ditch Plains, where bird activity picked up
considerably ! In addition to all the sea ducks seen earlier, we added
C.Goldeneye, Long-tailed Duck, Horned Grebe, a flock of ~ 125 Bonaparte's
Gull, and hanging out with them, a single Little Gull ! Which, don't you
know, was found by those familiar initials, A.P.

After lunch, a small group birded the west side of Montauk Inlet, where we
had a small flock of A.Wigeon, and a single Iceland Gull (Kumlien's, with
gray marked wing tips).

A stop at Culloden Point did not produce a Red-necked Grebe, where this
uncommon species, has historically been the area's best location for seeing
this large grebe.

Our last stop was at Hick's Island, o/o Lazy Point, Napeague, in the hopes
of finding a Snowy Owl. We  did not find *Nyctea scandiaca*, but we did
find a drake Long-tailed Duck, resting at water's edge, with the bright sun
shining all over it ! We were ~ 50 ' from it, with August Davidson-Onsgard
and I getting some nice photos. But was this enough for August...certainly
not ! He preceded to get down on his belly, with his long-lensed camera
extended before him and started to take more shots. At that moment, younger
brother Clay, joined in the fun, and while taking ~ 10 minute, they
proceeded to crawl (over damp pebbles) to within ~ 30 ', without spooking
this very accommodating, gorgeous duck ! I, of course, took a couple of
shots of the brothers as they inched closer, which are possibly
"blackmailing material"...boys will be boys ! For me, as well as for their
dad, Shawn, this was one of the highlights of the day ! I also saw one of
August's photos...definitely "National Geographic" quality !



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