This A.M., I started out a tad late to insure a leisurely ride east to be
on time for a dental appointment in Jamesport. My travel time took another
"hit" when I had to stop to verify that the Ross's Goose was back in the
horse pasture on the s/s Middle Rd., between Northville Tpke & Ostrander
Ave, was ! After taking care of my teeth, I then took time
to care for my psyche, and spent a few hours birding !

Blackbirds(mostly C.Grackles) were seen in modest numbers from Jamesport
back to Riverhead, along with 7 Turkey Vultures, 1 N.Harrier, 1 adult
N.Goshawk (Church La., Jamesport) 1 Red-tailed Hawk, and a flock of ~ 400
Canada Geese, behind the Wells Farm, n/s Sound Ave, J'port. In with this
group were 2 Snow Geese, 1 adult & 1 juvenile. I also stopped at Mary Laura
Lamont's "birdy" property in Northville, only to find no one home, but as
usual, her feeders were busy, with 12 species (all, but 1, residents)
feeding on black oil seed, thistle seed, cracked corn, and suet - it was
good to see them again !



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