Last year a Lincoln Sparrow overwintered and we had a major irruption of 
American Woodcocks following the snow storm of March 14th 2017 and the fellows 
kept showing up into the Christmas Bird Count.
Last week an errant lone cluster of daffodils bloomed by the central western 
entrance while the rest of the bulbs were just pushing inches out of the 
ground, and a small wire fence was built earlier this week to protect the first 
bloom of blue crocuses just behind the ice rink restaurant.  Still, other than 
the slight increase in European Starlings, there has not been much to report, 
typically, since the Christmas “Shoppes” of 2017 were taken down.
So it with pleasure (but also stormy trepidation) to report that harbinger of 
Spring, the American Woodcock, has shown up today in Bryant Park in the 
northwest corner by the dormant beehives, quite actively doing its drunken 
forward-back waddle as no one is currently skating in this messy Nor’easter.
Happy City Birding,
Alan Drogin

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