This AM, from 1000 to ~ 1145, Steve Biasetti led the above field trip.
There were ~ 25 participants, who were thrilled with the way it started out
! Before even taking a step away from our meeting location (the west
breakwater) we had wonderful views of the "bird of the day"...a lingering
Snowy Owl. "Oakland's Restaurant", while closed for the season, did a brisk
bit of birding business today ! Out in the bay, the most numerous specie
was Long-tailed Duck, with a rough count of ~ 1000...certainly the largest
group of Old Squaws* I have ever seen on L.I., or for that matter,
anywhere.  Also seen were ~ 200 C.Eiders, all 3 Scoters, and ~ 50 Harbor
Seals. The series of stops, as we moved west, produced good numbers of
Black Ducks, Buffleheads and at least 1 N.Harrier.


* Sorry, my bad...but I miss that name !


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