At least five Short-eared Owls were present all day yesterday in large 
agricultural fields along the Hudson River in Albany County, one to two 
miles north of the bridge that carries the NY Thruway Berkshire Spur 
over the Hudson. It's an area that looks like suitable habitat, but it's 
very close to my home and I have never seen them there before. I first 
saw them at sunrise yesterday while looking south from Henry Hudson Park 
in Selkirk. They were circling over the Hudson after being flushed from 
a tree by a Bald Eagle. They were seen again at dusk yesterday. Also 
present in the area yesterday were Snow Buntings, Rough-legged Hawk, and 
three Northern Harriers. The fields are private property, and the area 
where the owls apparently roosted is not accessible. It seems that the 
best view of the fields (with a scope) is from the waterfront of 
Castleton, on the other side of the Hudson (and almost a 30 minute drive 

John Kent


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