Spurred on by an email to me re: an ongoing Turkey Vulture presence in
Asharoken, I decided to check out our local roosting complex today.
Arriving at the Roanoke Ave Elementary School ~ 1730, I found 3 T.V's. atop
the school's chimney. After finding 3 of the other regular spots empty, I
hit today's "mother load" at the spruce stand located on the w/s of
Griffing Ave, just s/o the intersection with Lincoln St. My first count was
a soft 21-24, but after awhile a group of them took off, flew around a bit
and came back, with some of them landing on other nearby spruces located on
Lincoln St., to both the east & west of Griffing Ave. While trying to find
a B.V. among them, I noticed more T.V's. arriving. When I left at ~ 1910,
the T.V. count had climbed to 55...the highest ever !



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