Saw Mill River Audubon's Woodcock Walk last night at Croton Point Park,
led by Charlie Roberto, heard and saw at least five American Woodcock in
their display flights. First peent was around 7:20pm.

Another highlight was a big movement of Tree Swallows seen at dusk coming
into Croton Bay, estimated at ~1,000.  Likely headed for night roost in the
nearby phragmites stands.

First of spring Osprey fly-over at dusk as well.  eBird list here:

Saw Mill River Audubon Monday bird walk this morning at Croton Point Park
observed a group of six Eastern Meadowlarks atop the landfill grasslands.

We also saw a perched Merlin and a pair of adult Bald Eagles flying
together over Croton Bay. Four other subadult Bald Eagles also seen: 2
subadult-I and 2 subadult-II.  eBird list here:

Anne Swaim
Saw Mill River Audubon


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