Late this morning I found a CAVE SWALLOW in the swallow flocks off Myers
Point and Salt Point, Cayuga Lake. It was first perched on a snag with
other loafing swallows, where the pale throat and buffy underparts were
evident. I later refound it foraging north of Salt Point over the bay,
where it was often to tough to pick out in dim light but the dark rufous
rump, dark back with white braces, pale throat and breast, brown forehead,
and dark cap were obvious when it occasionally came close. At least two
CLIFF SWALLOWS were also in the flock, much easier to pick out from the
flock with their brighter rumps, pale foreheads, and dark heads. Also
present were several Purple Martins, one Bank Swallow, and many Tree, Barn,
and Northern Rough-winged, making my first ever seven-swallow day in the

While they are less than annual on Cayuga Lake, this appears to be the
first spring record in eBird for the entire state, and one of only a
handful of spring records in the northeast. The bird was still being seen
as of 2:45 from the north end of the road at Salt Point where a parking
area and turnaround overlook the bay.

A few distant perched photos are here:
And I will upload some flight shots from Salt Point to this checklist later
this evening:


Jay McGowan
Macaulay Library
Cornell Lab of Ornithology


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