That Whimbrel photo seems to show a Eurasian Whimbrel. Looks like a white line 
going up the back in the one photo and barred whitish tail. Super cool. 

Isaac Grant
Senior Loan Officer

> On Apr 15, 2018, at 3:59 PM, Cesar Castillo <> wrote:
> I walked out from the Fishermans parking lot at Fort Tilden to Breezy Point 
> jetty.  On the long march back a Whimbrel flew towards me and then past me.  
> I got some bad photos of it as it flew away, but you can still see the curved 
> bill and whitish rump of this largish shorebird.  Other good finds included a 
> small flock of White-winged Scoters in the choppy waters and hundreds of 
> Northern Gannets, Purple Sandpipers and up to 8 Piping Plovers.  Some 
> breeding plumage Common Loons.  I thought I saw a seal as I approached the 
> jetty but it dove down and never popped up again.  
> Here is a link to the e-bird report.
> Afterwards I stopped by Big Egg Marsh and on the way out I found a Tricolored 
> Heron.  It was in the marshy area found between the bridge to the Rockaways, 
> the parking lot and the baseball fields.  Very easy to photograph from that 
> spot even with my 300mm.
> See checklist below.
> César 
> Una tarde la princesa  vio una estrella aparecer;  la princesa era traviesa  
> y la quiso ir a coger.  
> La quería para hacerla  decorar un prendedor,  con un verso y una perla,  una 
> pluma y una flor.  
> Las princesas primorosas  se parecen mucho a ti;  cortan lirios, cortan 
> rosas,  cortan astros. Son así.
> -A Margarita Debayle (To Margarita Debayle) by Ruben Dario
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