Central Park NYC 
Thursday, April 19, 2018
OBS: Robert DeCandido PhD, et al

Highlights: Variable winds overnight delivered a few new birds, with a 
noticeable uptick in numbers of Hermit Thrushes and Ruby-crowned Kinglets. The 
list of sparrows included Fox, Savannah, Chipping, and Field Sparrows. A 
Red-throated Loon continued at the Reservoir joined by two female Red-breasted 
Mergansers. Reservoir birds observed from the south side. 

Canada Goose - pair SE Reservoir & pair Turtle Pond
Northern Shoveler - 12 Reservoir
Bufflehead - 10 Reservoir
Red-breasted Merganser - 2 females Reservoir
Ruddy Duck - 25, mostly male, Reservoir
Mourning Dove - 15-20 (most at feeders, pair probably nesting in Shakespeare 
American Coot - Reservoir
Herring Gull & Great Black-backed Gull - Reservir & flyovers
Red-throated Loon - Reservoir
Double-crested Cormorant - 6 Turtle Pond
Great Egret - Turtle Pond
Black-crowned Night-Heron - southbound flyover Turtle Pond
Red-tailed Hawk - west side pair
Barn Owl - continues
Belted Kingfisher - flyover Turtle Pond (reported earlier at Turtle Pond by 
Jordan Spindel)
Red-bellied Woodpecker - residents
Downy Woodpecker - residents
Northern Flicker - 10-15 
Eastern Phoebe - 2 (Turtle Pond & Upper Lobe)
Blue Jay - residents
Crow - silent flyover
Northern Rough-winged Swallow - 2 or 3 Turtle Pond
Barn Swallow - 8 Turtle Pond
Brown Creeper - Upper Lobe
Ruby-crowned Kinglet - 25+ various locations with 11 at the Upper Lobe
Hermit Thrush - 75+++
American Robin
House Finch - 3
American Goldfinch 4 to 6 Upper Lobe
Eastern Towhee - 2 or 3 males singing in the Ramble
Chipping Sparrow - 20 (Pinetum & Sparrow Rock)
Field Sparrow - Sparrow Rock
Savannah Sparrow - Sparrow Rock (others reported from the Pinetum & elsewhere)
Fox Sparrow - Pinetum
Song Sparrow - 10 Ballfield east of Pinetum
Swamp Sparrow - 3
White-throated Sparrow - at least 20 in the Ramble
Dark-eyed Junco - 15 Pinetum
Red-winged Blackbird - 6 or so singing Turtle Pond
Brown-headed Cowbird - 2 females Upper Lobe
Common Grackle - 6 Turtle Pond
Louisiana Waterthrush - one at two locations (Upper Lobe & Azalea Pond)
Northern Cardinal

On twitter @BirdCentralPark:
Paula Waldron reported a Summer Tanager (continuing) at the SW Reservoir.

On Ebird: Ethan Goodman reported the Seaside Sparrow (continuing) at the Pond. 

Deb Allen
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