Monday was I believe January 120, 2018, Tuesday was spring for a day and today 
summer. But for me this morning was the annual reaffirmation of something (not 
sure what), like the swallows of Capistrano, today the first chimney swifts of 
the season appeared at the Ossining Train Station (about 8 this am). Maybe just 
reaffirms that I’m still working and commuting. A brief half hour walk in 
Croton Point Park beforehand had a few migrants, catbirds, Baltimore oriole 
(2), rose breasted grosbeak, hermit thrush, and for warblers (yellow, yellow 
rumped, common yellowthroat, black + white, American redstart and a nice male 
chestnut sided). Flyover GB heron and great egret and a parachute with what 
appeared to be a drone came over landfill and headed over The Hudson. 

L. Trachtenberg 

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