After finishing up at the dentist by 1530, I decided to try for the River
Otters found at Arshamomaque Preserve in Greenport a month or two back, and
which have been spotted a few times since. I saw a Red-tail in Jamesport
and a Peregrine in Cutchouge on the way out, and my FOY Yellow Warbler
right at the entrance to the preserve ! These 3 sightings juiced my
expectations up for at least one of the otters, and, therefore, walked
fairly fast to the back ponds, and their observation tower. While seeing
some of the common bird species that breed there, I dipped on the mammals.
The 1 & 1/4 hours I spent up on the tower were pleasing to the eye, restful
for the "bod", but a tad frustrating on the soul !  The 7 Osprey, about the
same # of swallows, as well as blackbirds, helped to pass the time, but
having to have ( similar to crewing on a whale watch) "eyes on stations"
most of the time, did make me a bit, why didn't I pack a
picnic basket  !

Thanks for the opportunity and the memories Jack,


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