Hempstead Lake State Park

Migration Recap from yesterday Wednesday May 2, 2018


Rare birds:

1. The Prothonotary warbler continued at Shoddack pond.

2. The Yellow-throated warbler was not seen on Wednesday (as far as I know) for 
the first time since it was found on April 27


Warbler species total (all birders): 19

Uncommon species: Worm-eating warbler and Louisiana waterthrush


Relative migrant abundance from my 7-hour survey of a large portion of the 
Hempstead Lake State Park:

Myrtle warbler count: 134

(accounting for 80% of all exclusively migrating warbler species; and 76% of 
all exclusively migrating passerine species)

Black-and-white Warbler, 12

Northern Parula, 5

Blue-headed vireo, 3

Ruby-crowned kinglet, 2

Ovenbird, 2

Northern Waterthrush, 2

Magnolia Warbler, 2

Palm Warbler, 2

Black-throated Green Warbler, 2

Hermit thrush, 1

Worm-eating Warbler, 1

Prothonotary Warbler , 1

Common Yellowthroat, 1

Blackburnian Warbler, 1

Chestnut-sided Warbler, 1

Black-throated Blue Warbler, 1

Prairie Warbler, 1

Indigo bunting, 1

(Yellow warbler and American redstart breed at HLSP, counts not shown)    

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3) http://birding.aba.org/maillist/NY01

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