Hi every one,

I would like to share this observation with all of you and I like to know what 
you think of it, especially those who know radar well.

Look at this radar map: (go to the minute 4:41 am CT and zoom to NYC area.)


You will see some radar activities (blue color) in the water between NYC and 
Long Island and New Jersey. All the activities on water with no activities on 
the surrounding land.

This morning was the best birding day in the whole city this season.

I remembered that I saw the same activities last year and saved a photo of it 
in my record.

Watch this map: (and again go to minute 4:41 am CT and zoom to NYC)


You will see the same pattern. A lot of activities (blue color) in the water 
between NYC and LI and NJ with no activities on land.

That day also was the best birding day in NYC that season.

I am trying to explain this phenomenon.

It only happened once last year but it correlated with a huge number of birds.

Any one has any explanation?


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