Inspired by the spectacle at Madison Square Park (where I can add
Black-and-White and Northern Parula Warblers to Ethan's terrific list from
a great day there), I splashed through the rain at around 3:00 for a lap or
two around Bryant Park.

Feeding on the lawn were *at least* 10 male and 6 female Common
Yellowthroats, probably a few more. They were joined by a single female
American Redstart and a small Empidonax flycatcher, which I pegged as a
Least but never got a great look at through fogged-up glasses. In the
plantings bordering the lawn were a single Swainson's Thrush and at least 8
to 10 Ovenbirds. (Given that I barely examined the park's periphery, I'd
guess the overall numbers were significantly higher than that.) --Joe


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