The weather continued to be for the birds at Madison Square Park today, with no 
less than 29 species reported on eBird so far today in this little 6-acre patch 
of Flatiron green.  The Mourning Warbler did not show (but may indeed still be 
present in its more typical obscured habitat), but the female Hooded Warbler 
continued giving great looks in the Center Oval and was joined by at least 11 
other species of wood warbler including Bay Breasted, multiple Blackpolls and 
very-uncommon-for-the-park Wilson's and N Waterthrush.  One observer reported 
Prothonotary (!) AND Kentucky (!!!) Warblers as well at midday, which 
subsequently could not be refound by others. Wood Thrush calling consistently 
from the parks northern reaches and Indigo Bunting in same area.  Other 
notables included Veery, Baltimore Oriole, Eastern Towhee and Swamp Sparrow.  
Having birded the park fairly consistently in prior years and in April and 
early-May of this year, I am at a loss to explain why the park has blown up 
over the past few days.  While observer effect is certainly responsible for a 
few of these sightings (over 40 eBird checklists added in past two days to 
park's previous total of 336), the volume and diversity in past few days has 
clearly been unlike anything so far this season and in recent memory.  While 
perhaps not matching the Great Madison Square Park Fallout of May 15, 1921 (8 
Grasshopper Sparrows anyone?!), it's nonetheless pretty cool.  And we're almost 
at 100 eBird species!
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-Ethan Goodman


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