For those listserve folks (who like myself) were not familiar with the name
"Wilson's Thrush" - it is now known as the Veery. I found this info. in one
of my favorite tomes...*A Natural History of American Birds of Eastern and
Central North America* by Edward Howe Forbush and John Bichard May.

 This book has a long history dating back to 1925 and E.H.Forbush's *Birds
of Massachusetts and Other New England States.* What it has grown into is
an accepted "classic", written in a style of the day, which gives the
reader all the technical knowledge needed, as well as a species other
names, which has led to quite a few chuckles along the way ! Did you know
that the Purple Gallinule was once called "Blue Pete" or that American
Woodcock was a.k.a. Little Whistler; Whistler; Bogsucker; Timber Doodle;
Hill Partridge and Wood Snipe. Lastly, how about the Great Black-backed
Gull being referred to as Saddle-Back; Coffin-bearer; Minister and Turkey



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