A check of the park between 11AM and noon revealed the skittish Northern
Waterthrush in the same location as before (southwest corner around the
shack), as well as a scattering of other lingering species amid the nesting
Catbirds: a single Ovenbird, Swainson's Thrush, and Swamp Sparrow, a
handful of White-throated Sparrows, and two male Common Yellowthroats.

The presence of these adult birds into mid-June makes me wonder: Are they
"stuck" here, or simply an overflow of individuals that haven't paired up
this year? Also, there's been a preponderance of male Yellowthroats in the
Bryant Park population I've seen all spring: Is this reflective of some
population quirk in the area, a matter of which gender chooses the small
urban greenspace, or (most likely) some factor I haven't thought of? (I
know what female Yellowthroats look like, and the park is so small that I
haven't been missing larger numbers of them than males.) --Joe Wallace


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