Central Park NYC
Saturday, June 9, 2018
Robert DeCandido, PhD, Deborah Allen, m.ob. 

Highlights on a sunny & seasonable day: American Redstart, Yellow Warbler, 
Yellow-billed Cuckoo. Nesting Birds: Cedar Waxwings (3 active nests), Baltimore 
Orioles, Eastern Kingbirds, etc. 

Canada Goose -44 (pair Turtle Pond, 29 adults & 13 goslings Reservoir)
Mallard - 20 (12 adults & 2 ducklings Reservoir, 6 adults Turtle Pond)
Mourning Dove - 10
Yellow-billed Cuckoo - 1 (heard Maint. Field (Signe Hammer), seen at Azalea 
Chimney Swift - only a few 
Herring Gull - 54 Reservoir (7am)
Great Black-backed Gull - 7 Reservoir (7am), flyover Warbler Rock
Double-crested Cormorant - 9 (8 Reservoir, 1 Turtle Pond)
Great Egret - Turtle Pond
Red-tailed Hawk - adult circling over Castle
Red-bellied Woodpecker - 4 (male drumming Laupot Br. pair Azalea Pond, male SW 
Great Lawn)
Downy Woodpecker - 3 (female Balancing Rock, pair Azalea Pond)
Northern Flicker - pair continues at Gill Overlook nest
Great Crested Flycatcher - 3 (pair & lone male in Ramble)
Eastern Kingbird - 3 (1 Reservoir, nesting pair Willow Oak Turtle Pond Dock)
Warbling Vireo - at least 3 (Maint. Field, Reservoir, Azalea Pond (Karen Evans))
Blue Jay - residents
Barn Swallow - 5 (4 Reservoir, 1 Tupelo Field)
Tufted Titmouse - heard Reservoir
American Robin - residents (adults, nests with young, juveniles)
Gray Catbird - residents (some nesting)
Cedar Waxwing - 3 active nests (Turtle Pond, Shakespeare Garden, Maint. Field)
House Finch - male Gill Overlook in Shadbush
Song Sparrow - singing north end Reservoir
Baltimore Oriole - 2 nests Maint. Field (food delivered to one), pair SW Great 
Red-winged Blackbird - male Oven, female Evodia Field
Common Grackle - residents
American Redstart - immature male Tupelo Field
Yellow Warbler - male east side of Turtle Pond (after twitter alert)
Northern Cardinal - residents, some singing

Insects: Eastern Amberwing & Blue Dasher (Dragonflies).

Deb Allen
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