The first T.V. I saw today ( Lonesome George ? ) was at ~ 1545 on the way
to help at the Riverhead "Soup Kitchen". The bird was circling over the
Bishop McGann-Mercy Catholic High School, and, as the school just graduated
its final Senior Class, prior to closing permanently due to financial
problems, I found this "moment in time" a bit "weird" !  Here you have a
hunter of carrion flying over an object about to cease living - the bird
moved on, and one can only hope the other can have new life breathed into
it, before too much time has elapsed !

After the S.K., spurred on by the earlier T.V. contact, I decided to check
for any possible activity at the R/A/E/S/T/V/R, finding a total of 10 T.V's
on the school's chimney, its roof, or flying onto same ! I haven't checked
this location recently, but will now...hey, you never know !



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