Just to add to the Long Island bird reports from today - I went to
Nickerson and spent around 4 and a half hours terning.  Highlights were a
second summer type ARCTIC TERN, four ROSEATE TERNs, and a
much-discussed-as-of-late, black billed, black legged, long winged,
speckled forheaded COMMON TERN (A Notorious C.O.T.E., if you will).
Finally, there were also at least 15 first summer Common Terns, and a few
second summer types.

The black billed COTE and Roseate's were there for the entire duration of
my time at the park - each time that they flushed, they returned to loaf in
front of the colony.  The ARTE stayed for around an hour, and was
eventually flushed by a truck driving down the beach.

A cooperative Tricolored Heron continued at Marine Nature Study Area as

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